Jason and Lore - May 15, 2010

by Paul & Delise Knight in

This weekend it was our pleasure to host the wedding and reception for Jason & Lore. The service took place at the base of a massive pecan tree in the big orchard. This kept all of the guest in the shade during the service. Logan, Lore's 14 year old son escorted her down the aisle. Lore's favorite flower is the star-gazer lily which was incorporated into the floral arrangements by our design team. The antique farm table was used for the wedding cake and a photo collage of Jason and Lore's lives.

Flower filled mason jars lined the aisle. Lore's gown was beautiful and her shoes were dreamy. The tan suites with pistachio ties were a great combination for a May wedding 

Thanks to Jason, Lore and their families for letting us be part of your special day. It was great working with Lindley's Photography for the second weekend in a row!