What Do Chickens Think? A Tribute To Mr. Cluck

by Paul & Delise Knight in

It was a sad Tuesday when we woke to find our old buff rooster dead in his coup.  We loved that rooster and we are sure he loved us, and anybody else with a camera... One of our nieces named him Mr. Cluck - Whenever kids would come near the pen, he would do his funny little dance for them - He was sure that would get some cracked pecans for his girls. He would always let them eat first...He may have been one of the most photographed chickens in Georgia. We sometimes thought more pictures were taken of him than the bride and groom at some of our weddings. We always tried to feed him some cracked corn just before a wedding to prevent him from overpowering the "I Do's" with his famous crowing. He was a great protector of his flock - he once was badly injured while fighting off a wild dog who was attacking his hens. He was able to scare off many hawks over the years. He had a good life at Pineola and he brought a lot of happiness to us and everyone who knew him.